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Renewing Cyber Chip

Hello, I am trying to record the renewal of a Cyberchip for a Scout in grades 6-8. He earned it in 6 and has renewed it in 7th. I have tried updating the earned date and while the small print audit information underneath shows the new date, the date out to the right remains the same and therefore the expired warning message still shows. Is there a trick to this I’m missing?


there is no renewal in Scoutbook - I just add notes

I dealt with this recently by recording the originally-earned date in the notes, then clearing the date for one of the sub-requirements, then clearing the completion, and re-approving the sub-requirement based on the new date of completion.

We had someone who was complaining that it showed up as “expired”, so I fiddled around until I could get it to show as “current”.

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Thanks, Charley, that worked.

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