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Need Help- One of our older Scouts is now becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster

One of our older scouts who has aged out is joining the group as an Assistant Scoutmaster. His application has been submitted to the office but his profile still shows him as a scout and it is linked to his mom’s scout and there is no where for me to enter his email for him to log into scoutbook. How do I fix this. I have assigned him as an Assistant Scoutmaster but his profile still shows him as a scout. Is there a number for me to call for assistant to fix this.


First, he would have shown up automatically on the roster as a leader when his application was processed.

If was invited to connect as a youth by his parents, he can go into Scoutbook and update the email himself.

If he was not invited as a youth, but created a My.Scouting account to take youth protection online, then he can log in to Scoutbook using his my.scouting username and does not need an invitation from you. Once logged in, he can update his email.


By the way - the system “should” be automatically ending the youth position but I don’t think that part is working. You can end it by putting an end date in his youth membership in Scoutbook

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First, I would double check if they show up as an ASM on your member manager roster in my.scouting.org. If not, your council has not processed the application yet.

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