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Adult Leader Invitation to SB Blocked - email address already in use

I have tried to invite a new ASM to Scoutbook, but I can’t because Scoutbook tells me that his email is already in use by someone else???

Did you try a search?

Go to Roster and add new leader - BUT search for him by email not add a new account

You need to search by name.

No, searching by email will show if the adult already has an account or not. Searching by name won’t work for this.

If the email is already in use, then there is an account with that email associated with it. I can think of three possibilities:

  1. He has a Scoutbook account. He may have never used it. Searching by email will reveal the account.
  2. The email is associated with a scout account. This will not show when searching for an existing adult by email. Create a ticket with Scoutbook support to research who has it and remove it.
  3. The email was spelled wrong. This could be you, so you tried to enter someone else’s email by mistake. Or someone else, at some time, improperly entered an email address and inadvertently created an account which went into limbo when they corrected the email. I have seen this twice. This will show up by email search. You or your adult can edit the account details to match your adult.

If you are in doubt about an account, do not attach it as a parent/guardian to a scout. If you are sure the account has the proper email, you can attach it as an adult leader with view profile permission . (This type of permission you can end.) I believe this will send an invite to connect. If this is the first login for the account, it will include a temporary password. If it doesn’t, your adult should be able to use forgot password to gain access.

Have fun. There is always something new to fiddle with to make Scoutbook work. :slight_smile:

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Most adult leaders and many parents already have an account. New accounts are usually created when a council processes an application.

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