Need parent profiles merged

These are the IDs in the URL when I go to edit the parents’ profiles in IA

11907997 & 11907998 – not sure why the last names are different

11674071 & 12574609

11907011 & 11907916 & 11907917

12579191 & 11942246

11907035 & 11907907

I have the same issue with one of the parents in my unit. They have 2 children and he has a profile that was generated for each kid. I would like to have those merged if possible, and would appreciate assistance in doing that or instructions on how to do it myself.

@graywh these are fixed

@KevinTownshend post the BSA #s or Scoutbook User IDs and we can look at it

SB User ID #s for the 2 kids with the same parent: 10453572 & 12169978

@KevinTownshend that is fixed

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