Need to Merge accounts!

I have two boys in scouts, and somehow have two different accounts linked to the same email for them. The accounts need to be merged, otherwise I can never access one of my scouts. Please help me with this request.

I would like the main account to be:

Bsa# 137330119

user ID# 11923579


Below is the account that I can not access due to the other account seeming to be the dominant login. However a BSA troop advancement coordinator sees me linked to it.

BSA # 13098274

UserID 1731377


Thank you for your help with this matter.


Terrence Sean Higgins

Raleigh, NC


@TerrenceHiggins1 this is fixed

Wow, thank you!

It’s humbling learning experience for this old salt. When I got “email is full” messages for days, and then one that says “email no longer exists, use the discussion board”, and our very kind council registrar saying she couldn’t fx it - I had low confidence. Alas, people who can fix things do monitor the discussion board and act.

In my experience, discussion boards were things popular 12 years ago where responses were infrequent and often merely unhelpful commentary.

I share this just as a reminder that old salts like me may have a hard time realizing that the discussion board is the way to go.

thanks again.

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