Multiple Accounts scoutbook

I show to have 3 accounts all linked to same email.
Assuming after latest move to be area and troop. I have my main account associated to my BSA number but there also appears to be 2 parent accounts created for me I have been unable to access these accounts at all and remove them. I have 2 his on the troop. I was able to add my main account as a parent to both but I have these old accounts also listed as a parent they have old addresses and one has my middle name as first.

Can someone help me remove these duplicate accounts?

Thank you

I see 2 total under the email but not 3 - what makes you think it is 3? @WilliamPaine

@WilliamPaine ok I found a third user and all are mergedd

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Thank you.

Looks like mine are all merged.

After meeting I can now see my boys both have 2 accounts

Is it possible to merge these also

@WilliamPaine Braydan is fixed - On William - for merges requirements do not merge, only completions - go in to each account and get a BSA Scout History report so you have copies of any merit badge not complete, etc - then I can merge the accounts

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I have made pdf and printed copies for William of BSA scout history and incomplete merit badge report.

Should be okay to merge

@WilliamPaine that is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you sir

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