Merge Duplicate Accounts Please


I am an adult leader and have two Scoutbook accounts.
The first one: SB User ID: 11992307 BSA Member ID: 140310039. This is my original account, associated with my children and past position,
The second one: SB User ID: 135431692. That’s the account created by my new troop in error, but it has some of my camping logs entered.

Can you please merge my accounts, keeping the 11992307 number but adding information from the other one?

Thank you so much!

@StanislavUstymenko Are you no longer active with South Texas Council?

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Yes, I am no longer active in South Texas council. I have moved to Greater Tampa Bay Area.

@StanislavUstymenko Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Please log in with your my.scouting username – not your e-mail address.

Would this be the correct place to ask for accounts to be merged, or do we have to go through our Council?

I am the Membership Chair for our troop and we have a number of parents, including leaders, who have multiple BSA ID numbers - so multiple accounts (2 instead of 1) show up under their child’s name for the same parent. The parents are only able to log in into one of the accounts and I don’t want that to be screwed up, yet I think it’s better to clean up so each parent only has one account showing under their son.

We also have one parent whose email address was entered with a typo when our Council was processing the son’s application (back in March this year) - obviously, the parent can’t access his account on Scoutbook, because he doesn’t own the email address with the typo. I have reached out to Council multiple times with this issue, but so far they were not able to help. How do I proceed?

Scoutbook is our troop’s main tool for communications, so we’re trying to make sure every parent and every scout are able to receive messages through Scoutbook.

Thank you!

My name is Chris from the Garden State Council. I need to merge my ID 14439340 to my den leader ID 14611018. Please let me know what needs to be done on my side. Thank you kindly

@NadezhdaAnikeev Local councils can fix many of these issues… They can fix the wrong e-mail address.

If you would like to post BSA member numbers for duplicate accounts, we can also take a look.

(No names, please.)

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  1. You have 2 usernames at my.scouting:

One has Google sign in turned on.
The other is an e-mail address.

Which username would you like to keep?

  1. Please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your child (or children). In the “Relationships” section, you should be listed as parent only under BSA 14611018. The should remove you if listed as parent under any other BSA numbers. Otherwise, your BSA numbers might get switched at Recharter, and this could result in the creation of another Scoutbook account.

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