Need ways to track aquatic hours and riding miles in Scoutbook

I know this topic has been discussed before, but it looks like the prior conversations are locked and it does not appear there has been any resolution.

I would be really great to have a way to track aquatic hours (and yes, even greater to have subcategories for the specific type of activity) and the same for riding miles (miles and type of riding) within Scoutbook.

I am not excited about any workarounds. It seems like a straightforward thing. I could certainly start a google form for our troop, but it just seems like it would be great to keep it in Scoutbook.

Does anyone have insight on this topic?

It has been previously requested, and is in the backlog, but at this time we do not know if it when the BSA might schedule it for implementation.

Thanks, glad to know it’s (hopefully) in the queue!

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