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Needs Approval Report doesn't list what needs approval

When I go to the Needs Approval Report in Scoutbook, sometimes I see a list of requirements that need approval, but most of the time I just see a total number and an Approve All button. If I click Approve All, I don’t have a chance to review what I’m approving. How do I get a listing of what I’m approving without going into each individual scout’s rank advancement pages?

Never seen this behavior - first thought is resetting your admin position - Go to Unit page > unit roster > click your name > Click admin position > Click UPDATE

One test that would be interesting is to go to your unit, click Export/Backup then Scout Advancements. Open the csv in Excel, Google Sheets, etc. and look for a 0 in the Approved column. These will be the items waiting approval. Let us know what you find and we can try to figure out what is happening. There may be a bug lurking.

I just checked and the needs approval is working for me and it will note the unit as well since I am in several. This may be more user related.

do you have an ad blocker running? or other extensions?

My guess on this is that they are items from a previous unit. For example, are you a scouts BSA troop?

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Donovan - I couldn’t figure out how to get to the UPDATE to reset my admin position. (Also, I was running an ad blocker, but turning it off didn’t solve the issue.)

Ed - I tried the Export/Backup, and that turned up a LOT more (444) Approved=0 instances, as opposed to 29 that shows up on the Needs Approval Report page when I run it for the whole troop. (We are Scouts BSA.)

Jacob - I think you might be right about them being from previous units. In the Export log, a number of them are for Webelos/AOL and other Cub Scout requirements.

So my question going forward, then, would be if it makes sense to just mark them all approved? (We are in the process of switching to SB from Troopmaster, but going forward we’ll be using SB and I’d rather have the Needs Approval report to be clean.)

Thanks for all the quick replies!!

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