Needs Awarding Report

Is there any way to export the Needs Awarding Report?

The Needs Awarding report cannot be exported. If you are trying to use it for a Court of Honor, Pack Meeting, etc, we recommend the Recognition Reports.

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@DavidLafko - I use the recognition reports for each unit type.

Ok where is the Recognition report located I dont see it?

I found It THanks for the suggestion

prior to the recognition reports I would use the PO options to print out the lists

Yea We do the PO but we have a miss match of needs Purchasing vs Needs Awarding and have been struggling with a way to balance them. We run into it when we go to the scout store and they don’t have all the awards we need .

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There may not be a direct method to export the needs awarding report, but you can export the underlying data to a CSV file and filter the data with a spreadsheet by the awarded date column. Empty should track with needs awarding.
Note that an export at the troop level may also include much earlier pack advancements that were never marked awarded.

Here’s how: login scoutbook, navigate down into your unit, look for export / backup, then advancement.

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