Needs Purchasing Report not functioning

I logged in to clear out awarded adventures and get the PO for the new awards. When I click on the needs purchasing report, it takes me back to my dashboard. If I try it again, it does nothing. It also seems to only give me the option to see advancement reports from my dashboard, as opposed to once I’m in the Pack dashboard which I don’t recall that being an issue before.

@AlexCarl - do you have recently added scouts ?

Yes, we had some leadership changes that ultimately resulted in some re-charter problems. All of our scouts were dropped from the pack and had to re-enroll. Some still haven’t yet

@AlexCarl your Pack Admin Position ended 2 months ago - that could be the issue.

ah, I see. I thought I fixed that yesterday. Maybe it needs a day or two to clear?

@AlexCarl you cannot fix it - only a unit admin can make you a unit admin

Got it, OK thank you very much for the help!

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