Needs Purchasing Report sends me back to My Dashboard

I’m Advancement Chair for our Troop and I’ve run into a new problem where I need to access our “Needs Purchasing” report and when I click on the link it takes me back to “My Dashboard”.

I’ve tried multiple browsers (Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox) on multiple computers and on my phone (iOS). I’ve cleared my history cache and deleted all cookies and the problem still comes up.

Any guidance to get to my reports would be greatly appreciated, as I’m almost due for a trip to our Scout Shop. Thanks.

First thought is you do not have a Unit Admin Position so that might need to be added - Second guess is a new scout has a hanging cub scout award that is messing you up

It looks like the most recent Scoutbook clean-up reverted the Unit Advancement Chair back to my predecessor. I got that corrected and it looks like that may have fixed it.


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