NEW 2022 Eagle Scout Application

Any idea on when the NEW 2022 Eagle Scout Application will be uploaded into Scoutbook?

The Scouts BSA team said it will be available in June.

Oh, because it available now at

Thanks, that wasn’t the one I was thinking about. I was thinking about the one that will have Citz in Society on it.

I’ll let the developers know there is a revision. I wonder what is different?

if there is a change I do not see it at first glance other than the date

  • I see no reason to change until CIS comes into play

I agree just wanted to make sure that you were aware. I could not find the change either, also do we know when the merit badges will be updated with the 2022 updates including any 2022 updates to rank requirements?

I agree.

I also don’t see any reference to a revision here:

although it does download the one dated 2022

2022 MB changes and Award Changes are being worked on

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Where are you seeing the download I still see 2021.

We at Scoutbook are waiting for the website or the requirements book to be updated.

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There is a change to the section regarding length of time to BOR that occurs on the 2022 form

The GTA Team pushed that though - they were telling me about it a few weeks ago - they did not want to wait for the CIS one

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