New Adult gets Red Mark for CBC, even though it is included in the scanned paper application attached

We have a scout who has turned 18 and wants to continue in the troop as an adult. First he took YPT via He tried using, but it wouldn’t let him do it because it says he has an active registration in the troop (as a youth). So we are trying to add him in via recharter. The recharter guide says to delete him as a youth and then add him as an adult (with scanned paper application attached). We did this, but now we are getting the red symbol under the CBC column, and we validate, we get the error that we can’t because the CBC is missing. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks.


Contact your Council for help on this issue.

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@CarolynMiller - did you also scan in the CBC ?

Yes, the CBC is scanned in as a part of his adult application. Since you can attach only one file in the recharter software, it contains the three parts - application, CBC, and YPT.

I wish it were that easy!

I believe your choices here are contact your council or submit a paper application. There is no BSA staff that monitors the forums only volunteers. Issues like your’s need to be handled by the Council.

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Thanks. Perhaps we will just take the paper application to council in person.

I don’t recommend attaching forms to recharter as it makes it all manual. The question, though, on intended functionality is interesting. The system allows you to attach missing required forms (as the OP did). The system also enforces having those required forms.

The root question is: if you attach manually scanned required forms, how does one get past the check saying you are missing forms?

Thanks, that is a good interpretation of my question.

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