Scout turns 18 switch to Assistant Scoutmaster

My daughter has earned her Eagle and turned 18 and now it is time to Recharter. She wants to continue with the troop as an ASM, but I can’t figure out how to do an adult application online for her since she already has an account. She doesn’t want to transfer membership to a different troop, so that feature doesn’t help either - how do you switch an account from youth to adult after they turn 18? Do we have to submit an adult application on ye olde paper to the council? Or is there a way to do it online?

@TiffanyOlson1 - i would suggest you talk to your council. Some do not allow online adult applications

I believe you need a paper application if doing it outside of recharter. Not sure if it is possible within recharter.

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@TiffanyOlson1 - it would be a remove from charter then add from application

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This conversion, like the senior scout programs’ conversion from “youth” to “adult participant” is still a paper application, even though these days it is a scanned copy of the signed paper application, signed CBC form, and proof of YPT all sent to council for processing.


These were all great answers!! Thanks