Internet Recharter and Transferred Scouts

We have two scouts and one adult who recently transferred into our Boy Scout troop. One scout and the adult are from a different Council. The other scout is from the same Council as ours. All of them had to complete paper applications because they were unable to transfer their existing registrations from their former troops into our troop in I was able to add them to our Internet Recharter roster using “Add New Member” and “Existing Member” using their existing BSA Member number. However, the “Total” column shows $0.00 for each of them even though their fees for registration, Scout Life, and Council insurance for 2022 need to be paid. The “Edit” function won’t allow me to add their fees and, for the two Scouts, add Scout Life. For the scout from a different Council, the “Edit” function won’t allow me to update his out-of-state address to his current address. We also have an existing scout whose address has changed, but the “Edit” function won’t allow me to update his address either. The online recharter system our troop used the last several years had this functionality, but the new system doesn’t seem to. How do I resolve all of these issues?

Are there any icons by names of the ones giving you issues @RobertStorch

Do the transfers Scouts now show up in my.scouting? One reason they be no cost is if pre-paid next year when they filled out paper apps.

As for change of address, you can’t change it in recharter. Do it in my.scouting.

did you added these by choosing “Existing member”?

If they were already on your my.scouting roster, did you try adding them by using “Refresh Roster” ?

I’ve finally made some time to get back to our troop’s rechartering and apologize for taking so long to reply to your prompt comments regarding my original inquiry. Thank you for trying to help me.

The adult and two scouts who transferred into our troop were not already on the troop’s roster in They had to submit paper applications because they were unable to transfer their membership to our troop in We submitted the paper applications (including the CBC form and YPT Certificate for the adult) to our Acting District Executive on September 8 (one scout) and October 7 (adult and one scout), with requests that he have them added to our troop roster in, but that has not yet happened. As a result, using “Refresh Roster” doesn’t add this adult and two scouts to the recharter roster. Furthermore, because these three are not included in the troop roster in, I can’t change the address of the scout who transferred from a different council to his current address. I added each of these three persons to the recharter roster by choosing “Existing Member” because I had their Member IDs from their paper applications. I found that the reason that the “Total” column for each of these three persons was showing $0.00 was because they were listed as “Multiple,” apparently because all of them were still on the rosters of their former troops. When I removed the “Multiple” icon, their fees for 2022 showed up. There are no other icons currently showing up for these three persons. I will upload scanned copies of their paper applications (plus the adult CBC form and YPT Certificate) before I submit the recharter package.

I have more Internet Recharter questions unrelated to the ones I already asked, but I’ll check the forum to see if others have already asked these questions before submitting them myself.