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Move 18 yr old from Youth to Adult leader

I see no option to move 18 yr old from Youth to Adult leader. He is going in as Assistant Scoutmaster.
He has completed all docs; YPT, Adult App, taken AS online courses in November.
Do I Remove him as a Youth and then will he appear on charter later once processed?

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@JoeFishman - was the adult app and supported documents submitted to council

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I believe you can remove him and then use the add existing member option.

I tried removing the youth and adding as an existing member and also as a new adult and couldn’t get it to accept. I have 7 new applications for a Venture Crew and can’t add them.

Any help would be appreciated.

I think you are hitting an intentional hurdle. The MIDs are designated YOUTH until a valid adult application is in - so the system (I think) sees the MID and says this is a youth.

Provide a couple of the bsa member numbers, and we can ask the developers how to proceed. Recharter is supposed to be able to handle all of this.

In the meantime, reach out to your council contacts and encourage them to submit a ticket with national.

I am attaching the downloaded Adult application for each.
At this point I have notified our DE by email that I have a unit with 8 applications that I can’t enter and that I’ll meet to turn in the unit recharter with those applications.

@DonaldHoward are you still having this issue? if so can I setup a screenshare to see it

I suppose so, I haven’t tried since then. I’m going to turn in the applications with the recharter and let the DE figure it out.
Thanks anyway,

I am having the same problem. I have 4 18 year olds are Youth to Adult changes. I submitted all paperwork to council and they processed them. They show up on my roster in both my.scouting and scoutbook as Adult College Scout Reserve but on the recharter roster they still are showing up as youth. I have refreshed multiple times but still show as youth. I tried to remove them as youth and add as adult but get an error saying that “position is not allowed to multiple”. Please help!

I have confirmed that we need to remove the 18 year old as a youth. Regardless of having all paperwork submitted to council or not. After removing 18 year old from youth you can then add him in as a new adult.
Once council gets all paperwork the 18 year old will be added as an adult leader.
So removing youth first is required. Then add as new adult.

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I’ve done that but it won’t let me add them back as an adult. I get an error “that position is not allowed to multiple”.

I am also confirming the same error, “that position is not allowed to multiple” when I first remove and then add existing member. I need to upload a paper application to add as a new member, however the paper application was sent in to our council office back in July when the scout aged out.