Updating Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Award For Cub Scouts – Bear and Wolf

My son is a bear scout and our pack has an active Nova award program so he has already earned 2 Nova awards. I got to looking at BSA’s information about the Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Award
For Cub Scouts – Bear and Wolf found at Supernova Awards for Cub Scouts | Boy Scouts of America

Requirement #1 includes earning the Make it Move adventure which was discontinued 5/31/2022. How do unit leaders communicate this information to national so it can be updated?

Not sure BSA would care. The Nova program is discountinued Nationally, and only supported (or fulfilled ) on the council level

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Much to the delight of those of us helping our Councils with the STEM program about 80% of the deleted Adventures had a STEM focus. I was doing a UoS presentation on STEM when that happened and checked.
I asked a friend on the National STEM Committee if they had been asked before the Adventures were gone. She had no idea they were gone and was a bit unhappy as they had been given no notice.

Pretty much the only thing to do is work around it. Just means you get to do the two alternatives. Or, if you had a Mentor like me, you might be able to choose to DO the deleted Adventure even if you don’t get the physical award for it.
And make sure you have a way to order the awards. There are none in the scoutshop system. ALL of them must be ordered through your local Council from the vendors. It is now the Council’s job to have those on hand.

Donovan is partially correct. The STEM awards have not been discontinued. The STEM program is no longer supported by National. However they did leave it frozen in place. Meaning that there will be no more changes to the program as it exists. And, it was always run out of Councils, either by a STEM committee, or as part of the Advancement Committee.


It is when someone wants an earned medal that BSA no longer has and they say call this manufacturer - god knows how much one medal will cost a council

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