New Calendar events - how do you messge the people who have rsvp'd?

It’s very helpful to message that you are attending with changes and updates. How do you do this in the new calendar system?

I don’t quite understand the question. Are you trying to email attendees who have RSVP’d “Yes”? Are you looking for something different from:

  • Edit text of calendar event
  • Send a “Send ASAP” reminder using the “Send to ‘RSVP Yes’ only” option

If you want to send a message to RSVP Yes participants that is separate from the event description, you can use the Feature Assistant Extension.

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Ohh, what is that extension!! I have the old one but not a new one for this calendar.

It’s the same extension, just updated for the current calendar. You have to go to your My Dashboard to access it, though. It’s under Send Messages as Send Event Message.

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