New calendar/subscriptions

So I noticed something, and I’m not sure if this has been discussed but couldn’t find an answer. Here is the issue I’m having. I have several of the calendars synch’d (well on the iPhone they’re calendar subscriptions) to my phone. I created a den meeting and only put it on the Bear calendar. However on my phone’s calendar it shows up as a Pack calendar event as well as a bear calendar event, with two separate entries, like its two separate events happening at the same time. I’ve triple checked the event in the IA calendar to make sure that it wasn’t. on the pack and dens calendars.

When I use the subscription link from Scoutbook it only shows as one “den” event, but using the IA subscription link it shows as 2 events. I have not tested this with other dens calendars yet.

@LawrenceChisholm - that has been noted already