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I subscribed to my Den calendar in Scoutbook through my calendar in my Iphone. It did show all the events that I had already added in Scoutbook. I then went and added a test event to see if it synced up, it did not show up. Will ever show new events added in Scoutbook once I add it?

Most systems update them once a day.

That depends, did you subscribe in the iPhone settings or through a google calendar. My iphone updates pretty quickly.

It’s important to note that your need to sub scribe to both your pack and den calendars to get all events for both.

I found something that said to copy the link that pops up when you click on subscribe. Then you open safari and paste it and it pops up information to add to the calendar for iphones.

I could not find anything on my iPhone settings in the calendar to add straight to app.

Did you look at the instructions here?

I had not seen this but it got me on the right path. I didfurther research and found out that you process for IOS is off by a little. It must be off older version of IOS.

Go to:
Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Other Add Subscribed Calendar.
Then paste link to calendar

Barry Hayes
Den 5 Leader

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@BarryHayes - just for privacy sake you may want to remove your number.

Thanks for the update. It seems like the iOS updates move things around just to keep us on our toes. I’ll see about getting that updated.

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