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New Commissioner Tools Feature - Unit Advancement Reports

The National Commissioners Service Team Commissioner Technology Group is pleased to announce the release of a long desired enhancement to Commissioner Tools: Unit Advancement data. Commissioner Tools users can obtain advancement reports, by unit, by selecting the unit in the CONTACTS tab, and then clicking on the Advancement Report button in the gray bar near the top (next to the Charter download button). See the image. An excerpted report is attached for a Cub Scout pack, other unit reports are similar.

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An important note is that the report only runs for members CURRENTLY in the unit.

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This is very good news. One request, I noticed when the report screen appears it defaults to start and end date of the current day. Would it be possible to have a different default date range (say year to date)?

This is a game changer! I just created two reports. One for a Pack, one for a Troop and selected advancements from 1/1/2020 to today (looking back for the year and Iā€™m now sharing this with my Commissioners and Profession Staff within my Council. Thanks for delivering this capability!