Unit Advancement Report Broken

The Unit Advancement report in commissioner tools is broken, there is no way to select a date range for the report so you just get a single day for the day you ran the report which makes it useless.

ref: PD-20231213125850-130531-435610

@RichardHall - need much more detail on your issue. Can you tell me the Council & District you are running the report for, and the specific advancement report you were running? (As there is a separate report for each program.)

Greater Colorado Council, Centennial district, as if this matters because the report is broken everywhere. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

@RichardHall - I see the date range of the report is for 1 day 14 December


That is exactly, the problem I reported. There is no way to change the date range,; the report for one day report is useless.

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I have reported this to BSA IT. Sorry, took me until I had some free time during my lunch.

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BSA IT is still working on it, based on my last update on Friday. We actually found a second issue as well.

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It was reported to me yesterday (1/19) that this report has been fixed. It now has a working date range selection, and I just tested the report myself, and it is working properly.