New Cub program - lost notes and could use 3 event entries for Summertime Fun

With the new program the summertime fun adventure is just a single sign off for the adventure rather than the 3 events individually like the Summertime award was. Having the 3 entries would make management a HYGE amount easier for Packs, especially large ones, rather than having to keep external records. Having it be dynamic for “Event” rather than event 1, event 2, event 3 would be even better if possible to simplify bulk entry by attendance.

Second partialy related item is the loss of notes/comments where information can be added. This is valuable for pictures of camp activity lists etc, and is especially valuable for the Summertime activities to note when and what they were.



We have asked that the Summertime adventures be changed to have 3 requirements where you can record the individual activities.

We were told comments were restored but I’ll check with the developers again.


Agree need 3 event entries so we don’t have to track these on paper.

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Thanks @edavignon! It’s an extra ask (but if you don’t ask the answer is always no right?); if it can be an “Add Event” with totaling to 3 for easy bulk entry vs event 1, event 2, event 3 to specifically enter it would be a HUGE help dealing with the mix of what folks attend.

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