Cub Scouts: Consistency in Summertime Activities Loop

With the change in the Cubscout Program, the Summertime Activity Award (participating in 3 activities in the moths of June, July, August) has become a loop. While making entries for my Dens I noticed that the Wolf had the option to record each event separately to track progress, the other that I did, Lions, Tigers, WEBELOS and AOLs only have a single notes section and completion. 21 days ago, this was requested: [New Cub program - lost notes and could use 3 event entries for Summertime Fun]

I greatly prefer the Wolves way of recording, can all ranks be made this way?

Thank you.


I just looked at Summertime Fun for all ranks and they all show 3 separate activities. Please use a hard refresh (SHIFT + REFRESH) and try again.

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Hi Ed,

With the hard refresh, it did appear, I am able to add a note and check the box however there is no ability to save progress. The SAVE is greyed out, so when I go back to Rank there is no progress. I also tried to use the Save button on the Left side, with same results… when I re-enter the adventure, the note is there but check box is not (as I would expect with no save). Tried on multiple ranks, same result.

During this I found another bug, will report.

Thanks Amy

kind of sounds like the scout is in the wrong den level

Can you elaborate on this? I am not sure I understand. These scouts are in the right Den, I advanced them. Also, this is every scout in Dens other than Wolves, I just tried 7 scouts in various Dens to make sure.

the Save is grey until you enter a date

Donovan, please see Screen shot above, there needs to be 3 activities to be considered complete. Perhaps the Adventure needs to be rewritten as Requirement 1, Requirement 2, Requirement 3 for each activity. Also, the Wolves Den, which is where I first found this, does not have that problem.

Thanks for looking at this.

I found my issue. Disregard the rewrite suggestion for the requirements. I did the wolves one and was so excited to request it for all Ranks, I forgot what I had done. There is a drop V for marking the date for that activity that can be saved. That might need to be clearer OR remove the ability to click the comment bubble to add comment, which is why I did not click the drop down.

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I’m having a similar issue with the summertime adventure for a new pack member. He just joined and he’s entering second grade making him a wolf. he attended one activity so far and I keep trying to enter it but get the same error code no matter how many times I hard refresh. Any suggestions? This would be the first loop he earns as a cub.

This looks like one of the issues that was addressed by toggling the rank version back-and-forth between the old version and the current (2024) version. It’s not clear why the issue is occurring (at least no public posting has explained the underlying issue).


Thank you so much! That worked.

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