New IA calendar questions

Is it possible to create a calendar event for more than one unit at once? In the old SB calendar system, you could select more than one calendar (from any of your available units) when setting up an event.

When new scouts/adults are added to the roster, are they automatically added to existing events? I know SB didn’t do this, but there was the tool in the feature extension that allowed you to add attendees to many events at once. Will this either be automatic or will there be a similiar feature to bulk update the events?

Is the attendance recording functionality still there? If so i can’t seem to find it or see how it works.

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I can’t speak to the multiple unit calendars. One caveat that likely carries over from the previous calendar system (if it is possible) is that only someone who has access to both unit calendars would likely be able to do anything with that calendar entry (attendance, crediting to activity logs, etc). It seems likely that the individual would potentially also need permissions to the activity log systems for all of the relevant units, given that the new calendar is (planned to be?) tied into the activity logs.

As far as automatic addition of new invitees, that’s still “in progress”, according to this post a couple of days ago:

For the new calendar, you must first enable RSVP to take attendance, according to this post a few days ago:

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  1. Yes
  2. Not functioning yet but being worked on
  3. Is confusing - RSVP has to be on to take attendance > then Edit Event > click right side and see the groups off invitees > chevron open the groups and attendance is there (is easier in SB for now)
  1. There should probably be a banner message in scoutbook about the calendar going away. Also what does the calendar “going away” mean exactly?

  2. In our internet advancements calendar our meetings are in the right timezone, but display as starting at 6pm, when they start at 7pm…how do we fix this?

Thank you!!

Yes, Here is how you do it
When creating your event: all the way at the bottom, you can choose the calendar you want the event on

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Make sure your unit’s time zone is set correctly. Select your unit in the drop down (top right) in Internet Advancement. Then click on the gear icon and select settings. Scroll down to see or adjust the Unit time zone.

IA Calendar saves the time in Central Time. If the event is at 7pm it will save it based upon the units relation to the Central time zone. If you are out of the unit’s time zone when you view the event, it will show the time of the event in your unit’s time zone first and add a second line with the time in your device’s (local) time zone. And if you are in your unit’s time zone it won’t show a different local time.

If you put in the events last week, there were issues then and you may have to manually adjust the times.

There seems to be a simple way to select youth as attendees for events, but we need an option for “leaders” so that we can select all leaders without having to wade through the registered/nonregistered parents list!

@MelissaHuber2 - this is what I see


That’s for after the invitees have been selected. To select them it’s just one big drop down with everyone listed

Thanks, I submitted your request to the developers.

Should we be sending everyone to IA now instead of scoutbook for the calendar? Is there a recommended switch over date?

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Watch the BSA announcement forum BSA Announcements - Scouting Forums


As posted across Scoutbook today… I don’t think they’re ready.

When the calendar is switched over, when you click on the event or my calendar menu items you will be redirected to the new calendar. Until then you can utilize it by going to IA and selecting your unit and the calendar as described in the BSA Announcement section.

It is purely up to the individual user if they want to use the new calendar prior to the switch.

@WilliamNelson Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed with this calendar change. Y’all could have done this a lot better. I would suggest pausing and re-thinking this before making this change.


Since we don’t get direct IT communication, one thing all of us interested parties can do is hammer on the new calendar and report all bugs. That is about all we can do after the first post about being disappointed we are allowed to be disappointed, but then do what is in our power to do.

  1. Not happy with IA calendar has not imported attendance reported in ScoutBook.
  2. Only permitting 3 reminders is not sufficient for some events.

@RickHillenbrand - the attendance is there, just requires the RSVP box to be checked.

I think we used more than 3 only for summer camp. Once in Jan saying initial deposit due on Feb (if I recall), then final payment in May, then a week before and then the day before. Something like that. I would suggest that we (our unit) really don’t do it for anything else.

My thoughts….
I assume this is to stop spamming. Is more than 3 actually too many? I wonder if people just start to ignore the reminders if you send too many.


  1. We have stated MULTIPLE times that the need to turn on RSVP to take or see attendance is a bug that is being fixed.
  2. With a recent change you can only have 3 outstanding scheduled reminders. After reminders start being sent you can add more scheduled reminders. You can send immediate reminders at any time.

@Matt.Johnson is correct. There were units that were scheduling far too many reminders so the decision was made to limit the number.