Unanswered Internet Advancement Calendar Questions

I read through about 40+ posts so far and did not find direct answers to most of these, so I’ll dump them all in one post.

  1. How much of the backlog will be cleared before going live? Please make sure at least the equivalent functionality is present so users do not become mad the new system loses functionality. And make sure the performance, load times, and reliability are at least equal to Scoutbook calendar for the same reasons.

  2. The advancements.scouting.org site is super slow these days. Will you be increasing capacity/bandwidth before sending every user to the new calendar location? This reminds me of when BSA first purchased Scoutbook and it couldn’t handle the user load.

  3. Scoutbook is currently a one stop shop for parents and Scouts for most activities. I currently have no direct path from looking at my Scouts’ or Units’ data in Scoutbook to the new calendar other than opening a new tab and entering a different URL or favorite.
    a. I now have to log into two different sites (that share the same credentials). When will this be automated so we only have to log in once?

  4. When will the calendar support groups so admins do not need to edit every single existing event when a new Scout or adult joins the unit?

  5. Will people with subscriptions to the old calendar be automatically transferred to the new one? Or do they have to delete/remove their existing subscriptions and create new ones for each unit they see in the new calendar? (This relates to their main calendar like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc)

  6. During an event, will we be able to see who Yes/No/Maybe? The Scoutbook method of running the RSVP report is time consuming.

  7. The Internet Advancement calendar instructions indicate RSVP must be checked in order to take attendance. Why add this limitation? Will we eventually be able to record attendance on events without RSVP?

  8. With the activity log linking, how do we handle participants who were not present the entire time? Are we able to edit the link to populate theirs. I find the current manual method of activity logging much more cumbersome and time consuming then the one that used to exist within Scoutbook.
    a. And now I’ll start dreaming: What about events with multiple activities? Everyone went camping. Younger Scouts went on 3 mile hike. Older Scouts did 5 miles.

  9. The Scoutbook calendar is color-coded by unit. Everything is currently the same color in the “new” calendar. Will we be giving up the color coding that makes it easy to see which unit an event is for?

  10. Some events that show a title in the Scoutbook calendar only show the elipses “…” in the “new” calendar. (see uploaded image)

That’s the plan

It will be added before the SB calendar is retired

The ability to automatically add new members will be functional before the old calendar is retired.

The links are changing

The developers are working on improving this

There is group entry and then you can modify individuals who earned different amounts

Color differentiation is in the backlog

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Thank you @jacobfetzer. I appreciate the response.

@MarkEarnest - i will add that you can get to the calendar this way:

or by going to the profile of a scout or yourself

How can one edit calendar activities created in IA? The ones I made in SB I can edit, but not the ones in IA. I am a key 3 and events are showing up on wrong calendars (overall pack calendar instead of den specific calendars.)

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