New Members Auto Add to Calendar Events?

When a new member is added in Scoutbook they are not automatically added to calendar events that have already been created…I’m trying to figure out how to ensure new members are included on all invites when they join. Unfortunately, the current version of the Feature Assistant on Chrome doesn’t seem to do this. Is anyone aware of a workaround? Currently, I’ve reverted to manually editing invitees for each event every time we have a new member join. As you might imagine, it is incredibly time-consuming.

If there is any guidance you might have, I would greatly appreciate it.

Jeremy Jardell
Cubmaster Pack 319, Oviedo, FL

This is in the backlog but we do not know when it will be scheduled for implementation.

We suggest using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. It has a way to easily add new members to multiple calendar events at one time. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for Scoutbook.

Do you know when it stopped working? Also, have you tested it in Firefox by chance? I’m away from a desktop right now, or I’d fiddle with it myself.

Both of those might help @GaryFeutz diagnose the issue, if it’s not a known change/bug.

I just checked the Chrome version of the Feature Assistant Extension. It adds the Add Invitees button to the calendar page.image

Click Add Invitees, select the calendar you want to add new members to then select the events and members. See Extending Calendar Invites to New Scouts for complete instructions.

Thank you, Ed! I hadn’t located this document earlier. So, thank you. This was extremely helpful!!!

Where would I be able to find the main page listing all of these available help documents in the future?


Thank you Charley. I do not have Firefox, but Ed’s suggestion helped. Though still have to update periodically as new members join. it would be helpful to include this in future updates.


Until the fix is applied I have tried to make sure that I check the add upcoming events to messages. No help in RSVP but at least they get the message.

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Click on the Extension icon image in the upper right corner of your Chrome window. If it is not there, click on the puzzle piece iconimage then pin the extension icon.

Thank you Ben! I appreciate the document link!

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