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New Report Builder Details

Previously, Scoutbook released improved Report Builder output that allows reports to be saved to pdf or exported to csv. Now to continue the Report Builder improvements, a new Report Builder “Designer” replaces the former Report Builder where Scouts, ranks, and merit badges were selected to include in the report, with the option of saving the report to your Dashboard.

All those features are still there with the new Designer, with all your existing reports, but with the added ability to also include awards and select all Scouts, ranks, merit badges, all Eagle-required merit badges, or all awards with a single click of a checkbox.

Reports saved to your Dashboard can now be shared with the entire unit. Access to the data on the report depends on the usual permissions to view it. Shared reports appear in a new Shared Reports menu on the Dashboard, showing the name of the user who shared it. The reports you share cannot be changed by others, but you can copy shared reports to your own Dashboard and set options for your own purposes by clicking the ‘Save’ button of a shared report. You can also change options on a shared report and run it ad hoc without saving it.

Additionally, there is a new Report Builder Manager where you can share, unshare, or delete your reports at any time. You can also hide or show others’ shared reports on your Dashboard’s Shared Reports menu from Report Builder Manager. Unit admins can unshare or delete others’ shared reports.

Scoutbook will be using this new Report Builder platform to add more features. Please feel free to report issues in the Scoutbook Bugs forum or request improvements in the New Scoutbook Feature Requests forum.


Users who are used to an old Report Builder report showing immediately when you click on it will notice that it now takes you to the Designer where there are “Save” and “Run” buttons. This gives you a chance to change the report and either save the changes before running it, or simply run it ad hoc without saving the changes.