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Report Builder Advancement/Awards Tracking

The ability to use a report builder to track the pack and den’s completion of advancement / achievements / awards has been removed from where it was. Can someone explain where it has been moved to?

If removed in entirety, please reinstate it. It was a wonderful tool that was quick and easy to use to plan for large groups of Scouts. Without this tool, a Leader has to click on each individual scout and press multiple buttons to be able to see the one item they are looking for. A 2 minute form verses hours of rifling through scoutbook’s multiple pages.

Use Report Builder Manager at the top of the Reports pop-up.

Here is what I have been doing:
Sign into Scoutbook
My Dashboard
The unit
Pack Reports (generates pop-up)
Report Builder Manager - it is bringing up the Roster Builder Manager, not reports.

Is this a glitch?

@WendyLatella - I just tried your path from both the troop and pack and it brings me to the Report Builder Menu. It would almost seem that the click action on your hardware is not actually on the report builder but the item below it which is roster builder.

Thank you for your assistance and looking into it. I’ll clear my cache and restart my computer. Hopefully that will fix the issue. If not, I’ll work on it on my end.

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