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Clarifications needed on ScoutBook and Internet Advancement 2.0

So, I’ve read and listened to the presentations on internet advancement 2.0. I haven’t seen this answer anywhere, but does ScoutBook/will ScoutBook sync with Internet Advancement 2.0? Do completions marked in ScoutBook still count as the “official” record going forward (as we have seen, heard, and read that this is the ultimate replacement for ScoutNet and will become the official database)? Is it either/or with ScoutBook and Internet Advancement 2.0 or do you have to use both to properly record all advancement? I think this clarification will be needed for volunteers so we completely understand the transition. Thanks!

Internet Advancement 2 reads and writes to the Scoutbook database. So there is no syncing. When you approve something in Internet Advancement 2.0, it is immediately recorded in Scoutbook. When you approve something in Scoutbook it appears to Internet Advancement 2.0

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If you are using Scoutbook for your unit’s advancement, you do not need to use Internet Advancement 2.0.

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@edavignon and @WilliamNelson thanks for helping to clarify. I know I’m not the only one with this question and hope this helps others as they find this information.

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