New Webelos elective adventures not listed as available to complete for Webelos Scouts

I am attempting to add adventures earned at camp by Webelos Scouts, but many of the elective adventures are not showing as available to be completed. Archery, BB, Slingshot, Let’s Camp, Paddle Sports, to name a few. Am i missing something in the new system?


Please try in an incognito window to rule out a cache issue.

No change. It still only shows the 5 required, and 14 others (which includes protect yourself and yo-yo)

@CraigTuttle - and you have 2024 version selected

This is doing the same thing on my AOL scouts. Yes 2024 version selected. It’s like sporadic as to which adventures show as available to complete. Some old ones, some new ones, some Webelos adventures show on AOL scouts, etc…this is why i tried the bulk entry (which failed…see other post)

Actually, it kicked back to 2022 when i switched ranks. Back on 2024 now, and see others. Will try to enter them again.

@CraigTuttle - i was going to suggest that very thing

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