Unable to add completed Activities for Webelos rank

I’m trying to add a completed Elective Adventure in my son’s Scoutbook profile. I’m listed with access ‘Full Control’ but when I click on any of the individual Elective Adventures, the browser goes back to the top level profile for my son instead of opening the Elective adventure.

Is there a configuration setting that could be changed to fix this problem?

@ThomasArmstrong what is scouts BSA #?


Your son with first initial J is not in a den in Scoutbook. A unit admin (Cubmaster, Committee Chiar or Charter Org Rep) needs to assign him to the Webelos Den in Scoutbook for you to be able to enter advancement for him.

Thanks @edavignon. I’ll ask the Cubmaster to make this change.

@DonovanMcNeil, my son’s ID’s are the following:
BSA Member #: 134070152
UserID: 5485926

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