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No automated activity logs

Since starting with Scoutbook I’ve been under the assumption that the reason we would mark an activity as “camping” or “service project” and then validating attendance was to simplify activity log completion. I’m now discovering that they are not linked and our logs are not being completed automatically. I’ve heard that this ability is available through the feature assistant. Is there something I am missing on how to efficiently complete activity logs or am I stuck doing a lot of manual and redundant entry?

I do the entry manually, usually at the same time if it’s something that will be logged later (camps, hikes or service projects). I type the information in a spreadsheet as a holding space, then cut-and-paste it from there into either the calendar entry if it’s text or into the event creation interface. At least that way I make the same mistake rather than different ones. I’m not really fond of the process, but I’m not overly fond of the IA log interface, either.

I may be in error. Wasn’t the feature assistant functionality tied to when SB was used to track /recorded activities. If correct, then it may not have been updated to work with Activity recording in IA.

This particular (lack of) feature drives me nuts. I view Calendar/Events as participation. Why it matters whether it’s Camping, or whatever seems useless to me, but I use it. Activity Logs must be entered separately in IA and the process of entering 2 logs for the same event (e.g. Participation and Camping Nights for example) can easily take me an hour given how it is setup and the number of participants we have. An hour for one night of camping is really over the top in my opinion. At least when Activities were in SB still it took me far less time (but was still duplicative).

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