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Calendar event attendance needs to flow through to activity logs

Attendance taken on calendar events are not flowing through to activity logs. This absolutely should happen. Is this broken, not yet implemented, or an enormous oversight? The biggest issue with Scout record keeping is reducing multiple entry requirements for single activities and events.

It’s not implemented because it’s a much more complex request that it seems on the surface, and that makes it not nearly the time-saving godsend that people think it would be.

Consider this… Your troop has a campout scheduled for this weekend (Friday-Sunday), and there will be a service activity on Saturday.

  • Three scouts are in marching band, so they’re coming on Saturday morning, not Friday night.
  • One scout is on a travel soccer team, so he’s leaving Saturday morning for a tourney, but coming back Saturday night to camp.
  • Two scouts have religious ed on Sunday morning, so they’re leaving after dinner Saturday.
  • Only some of the scouts actually work on the service project; some decide to go on a hike instead.

None of those items are really outlandish – and our troop has had plenty of events where all of those (and more) happened during the same weekend. I don’t know how you design a system that handles all the permutations that doesn’t require someone following up with it afterwards. And, in my experience, the amount of time it would take to follow up afterwards is probably the same (or longer) than just creating the events in IA2 after the activity anyway.

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I have already pondered those issues and agree there are some complexities that will need to be addressed, but I disagree that it makes better sense to just re-enter everything. As a full-stack developer, I can think of several UI solutions to resolve these exceptions, the simplest of which is to flag the few exceptions and then enter only those in IA with applicable modifications. Better might be to provide an attendance grid that allows you to remove individual nights and days of the event that some of the Scouts didn’t attend.
I like that you considered the service project separately. I did too, and this could also be resolved with either of the above two methods I mention above.
I feel strongly that the tools need to reduce work or they will not be used.
Just my 2¢.

Ehhh… Like I said, creating the activities literally takes less time that taking attendance in Scoutbook. I don’t see integrating them as a real value-add; I’d rather dump attendance taking in the SB calendar entirely; it’s utility is already pretty limited.

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