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No "Den Selector" Option

Tried to check out the new features for Cub Den Leaders on the App and I’m not seeing the options that I think are supposed to be there. I updated the app to the most recent version, logged out completely from my phone and logged back in, and tried clicking on all of the available buttons/links within the app. I am listed as a Den Leader on the web through Scoutbook and the app reflects that in my listed positions.

#4 of says that I need to click on my Den using the den selector at the top of the app. This is not an option. The top of my app says “Shauna’s Profile” and the only drop down selector let’s me choose myself or my son. If I select my son, I can see his individual advancement options. The top then only has Advancement and a drop down to choose my name or his.

The bottom of the app has Dashboard, Profile, Advancements, Events, and Settings.

@ShaunaFox - it appears that you are using t he scouting app from the app store. That states in all of its documentation that it is for scouts and parents only.

I thought that the pics and info in this article suggested a change for the app capabilities - is that not the case then?

The info in this article states that “den leaders will be able to do everything they need from within the app”

The Den Leader Experience is not part of the Scouting App.

Go to and click Login as Den Leader (BETA) to get to the new Den Leader Experience (DLE).

Keep in mind that once you setup your den in DLE, meetings will be added to your Scoutbook calendar that can only be managed via DLE and cannot be deleted.

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Thank you for the detailed response :slight_smile:

The website made reference to “as you use this app” and that was probably the basis for my misunderstanding - every time they reference “app” in the other articles I think of an app that I can download on a phone or device, not a website to go to. Thanks again for the quick reply!

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the folks writing the article aren’t entirely clear on the differences, either. It’s a bit of a morass as there are different interfaces meant for different user bases: IA2 for folks using 3rd party tracking software; Scoutbook for unit leaders, parents and scouts (plus some council functionality); the Scouting app for parents and scouts. Even folks who have been living with this software for years get confused. :wink:

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