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New user, need some guidance, No Den Added

Hi, new to Scoutbook app. I’m the CC, and a Den Leader. My Cubmaster/Packmaster doesn’t use the app. Is that going to be a requirement for this to work? When I go to look at Den Leader Experience I see: No Den Added, Please connect with your pack leader to onboard to Scoutbook.

I’d like to try and make a go of this app if possible. Also, is there a general use FAQ on how to use it (the app itself)? Found one for the Forums, but that doesn’t help me very much LOL.

look at help.scoutbook.com

The login in screen for Scoutbook, can be a bit confusing. “LOGIN AS DEN LEADER” is for Den Leaders who choose to use “Den Leader Experience”. DLE creates a yearly schedule for cubs that cover the basic advancement. If you are only looking to use Scoutbook for normal functions for your Pack, pick “LOGIN”. Your cubs may very well not be put into Dens, if you are the first leader for your pack to use SB, but the help files contain lots of good information/videos on how to get started.

By default, your key 3 (Chartered org rep, committee chair, and Cubmaster) are pack admins. If none of them are willing to fill that role, they can make you a pack admin directly in scoutbook or by making you a key 3 delegate in organization security manager in my.scouting.org.

One advantage to designating as a unit assuming it’s that it doesn’t expire annually and covers almost everything that you need to do (at least in Scoutbook), and some of what is done in IA2. One advantage to being a Key 3 delegate is that the privileges “extend” to my.scouting, IA2, and Scoutbook, but expires each year at recharter posting.

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