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No Fee Registrations using Membership Manager

Can Application / Invitation Manager be used to register adults for no-fee positions, such as Merit Badge Counselor or Religious Emblems Coordinator?

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@JohnPaterakis - I think it may be dependent on your council location. I know for my council it is NO online adult applications.

Those are district positions, so you’d use the URL for district applications. As Stephen mentions, some councils turn off adult applications for local state regulation reasons. Any available position can use the online application process as long as the individual does not have a registration in that entity already. You can’t multiple from District Member at Large to Merit Badge Counselor, but you can multiple from a Committee Member to a Merit Badge Counselor. The Scout Executive or individuals they’ve designated as Registration Support can approve the registration. For a merit badge counselor, you will also need to turn in a merit badge counselor information sheet to be approved for relevant merit badges. The online application process will only get you registered, but you’ll be approved for 0 merit badges without the information sheet.