District positions

I have an adult that applied online for a district position. It is now in pending acceptance. When we select accept there are no positions available to select. So will not let us accept the application. What do we need to do to get this application accepted?

Make sure your council has turned on the ability to use the online application for District & Council positions.

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How do I make sure this is turned on?

@RonaldBlaisdell is that a different setting than general online adult application capability? I know some councils turn off adult applications due to local laws, but I’ve so far been unaware of a separate switch for district and council positions.

@AmberHimmelspach what position do you have that is giving you an accept option? I believe it is just scout executive and those delegated Registration Support, so most roles don’t have accept capability for district and council positions.

It is not a setting, as much as it is a policy. I belong to two Councils. They both allow online applications for Youth, but neither allow online applications for adults as a policy decision. (Although I think one is coming around to the idea. Haven’t checked with the other.)

My council requires all new adult applications to be submitted off-line using a paper application form (and attachments). This policy applies to charter organization, unit, district and council positions.

Can a unit do an adult leader transfer in the Application Manager system?

Wow. Crazy. Unless it is difficult to comply legally (like Pennsylvania), it is a very poor choice by them. They don’t have the staffing to keep typing everything!

Yes. They have 3 registrars - but we are a HUGE council. We used BSA registration services, but we decided to bring it all back in-house.

If this was work (my day job), what I would do is a project to make the applications more “self serve”. I would then go from 3 to 1 registrar, redeploy the wages of 1 to unit service as a DE, and take the other as savings. We wouldn’t lay anyone off. We would redeploy the person to an open position or wait for normal attrition. I don’t know if service would go down, but it would require deep adoption of the online applications.


I agree. I really wish all councils would go all in on online adoption for all online services from national. Not saying people are not needed but there is SO much more we can do online that alot of councils are NOT doing. Now I know there are folks that refuse to be dragged into 2022 technology world.

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It’s not all on the councils, though. When dealing with unit positions, many chartering orgs don’t permit online processes for “reasons”, and they haven’t been amenable to change so far. Others have jurisdictional issues that prevent a fully-online process.

Here is what is required for adults in PA in order to register.


Of note as you scroll down to who is required to have the clearances.

I some questions/comments:
Does the online registration system require a payment for all applications?
(A person applying for a district position who is already in a unit should be “free”)
What forms of payment are accepted (Credit/Debit Card, check , cash)?
I just went through two Cub recruiting at elementary schools NOT all of the parents of our cubs have Credit/Debit Cards) see some discussions in “https://discussions.scouting.org/t/transferring-scouts-between-councils-via-my-scouting”. These could be issues on why online applications do not work for some councils or in some cases.

Online registration requires a credit card and collects national and council dues/fees. It does not, and cannot collect unit dues/fees.

If you are already registered in the district, you can “multiple” via an online application. I had an issue using the online application becoming an “at large” member since I was already a merit badge counselor (already a district position) since the link kept saying I was already registered. I was able to do it for our cub pack.

If parents wish to use cash or a check, then the unit can accept that and “bundle” it with all other registrations taken at the time and send in pictures or scans of the applications or the actual paper applications.