Online Adult Application Now Includes Merit Badge Counselors?

So, emailing with an adult about being a potential merit badge counselor and told him I’d need a separate merit badge counselor application. He indicated to me that he already filled a MBC application out online when he was applying for a committee position, and that it was on the bottom on of the second page of the online application. Upon clicking it is says, council will require the merit badge and possibly other forms.

I had never heard of this.

My council registrar had never heard of this.

Is this even an option now?


It’s supposed to be possible. The online process only works for someone’s first district or council position though. And in the case of multiple-ing from another position in a different entity, it’s not showing in the list of positions like it should. I don’t know if the non-multiple, first application process is bugged right now, but I tried it with a dummy e-mail once and then just had the application closed without being completed.

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Even if the basic registration goes in that way, they still need the Merit Badge Counselor information sheet to be approved for particular badges.

It seems like such an easy next step. Build that in. All it takes is time and money.

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But alas… my council will never ever allow on-line adult apps for any purpose…

Yes, my understanding is laws in some states prevent any of the online registration flows from being available for adults, so those councils turn them off.

My reading of PA’s laws as a non-lawyer is that they could allow on-line apps. The council is already in the “work flow” and have to check off that the CBC was done no matter the state. They could hold the apps there at that point until the PA process was also completed. They are choosing not to do that which is their choice. So, the technology could allow it.

I don’t know if they allow youth apps.

@Matt.Johnson - I know for our council which is PA/NJ adult apps are a no by default. Youth apps can be on-line but most units opt out. I guess one would have to go through all of the PA councils to be certain how it is handled but I suspect a no to adult on-line apps.