No green checkmark on my MBC position

I had several badges disappear from my MBC position list when my council work on recharters. We got that fixed.

The problem now is that there is no green checkmark next to my current MBC position, and (as best as I can tell) that seems to be keeping me from actually being able to mark off badge requirements.

Is that something that my council person still needs to fix? If so, can you tell me what I need to relay to her for getting that corrected? I think that, when we got to this point last year, someone at Scoutbook told me that they saw the issue and just synced something there that fixed it, but that’s been a year ago so i may not be remembering correctly.

Thanks for your help!


I setup a sync to see if it would fix it this afternoon

Wow! Y’all are always so fast responding to these!

Thanks. I’ll let you know what I see on my account tomorrow morning.

That did it! Thanks!

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