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No longer receiving change notifications

Since April 17th, I have not been receiving email notifications of Scoutbook updates, i.e., no messages from the Change Log Forum. How do I turn this feature back on?
David Rounds

Go to the Change Log category, click the image then select Watching

Early in May, I set the “Watching” flag on the Change Log but have received no notifications of the last three updates posted since I clicked the Watching flag.

Discourse notifications are different than the old legacy forums. If you are logged in to Discourse, the notification is made by placing a count bubble on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page image If you are logged off, you will receive an e-mail.

Due to user complaints, the inactivity timeout in Discouse was increased from 1 hour to 7 days. Because of this, if you do not explicitly log out of Discourse or Scoutbook you will remain logged in and Discourse will not send an e-mail.

This is a Discourse behavior that the BSA has no control over. There is a Mailing List Mode on the Email page of your profile but this may generate far more e-mail that you expect.