No more Cyber Chip or Youth Protection exercises after Scout rank?

New ASM here. I was looking over requirements for the various Scouts BSA ranks and was surprised to see that ranks beyond Scout have no YP or cyber chip requirements. I double checked in Scoutbook and sure enough, no requirements for them are listed after Scout.

So is the idea that once a new scout completes the YP exercises and cyber chip once, that’s it? They’re never required again? Does the whole thing about expiring every year only apply to Cub Scouts, not Scouts BSA?

Star has pamphlet exercises and Cyber Chip.


Ah, ok. That makes sense. Repeating them for every rank would be tedious I suppose. I’m glad there is at least one more opportunity/requirement to do them. Thanks!

Just because it doesn’t have to be done to earn advancement doesn’t mean it can’t/shouldn’t be done.


Also, note this starting August 1

Minor Modifications to Scouts BSA Rank Requirements

Finally, new videos were created to support “Personal Safety Awareness” (chapter 13) of the Scouts BSA Handbook. These can be used as an alternative to earning the Cyber Chip.

They should be “Recharged” every year as they expire yearly. There is also a badge that requires the Cyber Chip.

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