Non Renewed Membership Report

What is the Non Renewed Membership Report supposed to be telling me? At my first understanding of it and what it seems to be doing, I’m not sure it’s working, but I don’t have a great sense of what it’s supposed to be telling me.

Multiple uses - I can find all the Webelos who didn’t transfer to a Troop and work on those. I can find Cubs or Scouts who dropped to see if they can be recovered. I can look at volunteers who were previously unit leaders or assistants who dropped to be potential recruits for District service.

That’s the stuff I expect it to be telling me. Instead, it looks like it is only showing people that transferred out within this year such as cub scouts joining troops. It does not show people that didn’t recharter like I’d expect. So at least for me, it seems like it’s not working right if it’s working as you say which seems in line with what I understand.

It’s a new report - moved into MyST from the old ScoutNet - they may need to do some tuning yet.

I found the critical and confusingly located piece, the report ignores the date range inputs of the report page and instead has a filter window that takes in dates and can look past the initial report data. So it kind of works. It still shows people that are transferred which I wouldn’t count as non-renewed, but at least you can see dropped people in the past that didn’t recharter which is what I was looking for, the place where you have to edit parameters to do that isn’t the most consistent or intuitive compared to other reports.