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Is there a report at either the Registrar level or in my.scouting.org that shows all units that had their recharters posted?

I logged into Scoutbook–>Internet Advancement–>Recharter (at the bottom left). That’s where it told me, but now I lost access to that option and everything in myscouting.org. I guess I need to wait for it to figure itself out after it posted.

At District and Council level there is a Charter Renewal Report

I see that but it appears only to show those units that have not completed the rechartering process. While useful, it would seem to me that a completed recharter report would be more useful.

Maybe I am doing something wrong

Well if they are not on it = it is processed or they are not within 90 days of renewal

I understand that. Frankly, however, I find that report cumbersome and not very useful. I have over 350 units and 99.9% (all but Scoutreach units) have their charters expire on 31 Dec. I am not a Luddite and, while I find the new system much better than the previous one I cannot understand why a completed charter report is not part of the system.

I agree. The summary of units is missing a category of “truly complete units”. The different groupings should “add up”. It needs a revision. The report then should be updated to reflect the summary update.


While I don’t have access to the Charter Renewal Report (I’m not a commissioner), the Chartered Organizations Report will show you which units have an updated expiry date, and thus, one assumes, they’ve completed the process. Not ideal of course, but something.

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