Record of Changes Report Status Bug

When pulling a Record of Changes Report within Membership Manager, I notice that scouts who get transferred from a Pack to a Troop show a status of “Dropped” on the Pack side but show “Transfered” on the Troop side. This issue comes up annually when our Council sends Packs a “Dropped Report” to review and see if you can get these Scouts to come back. There is always a lot of noise with this data as it’s very inaccurate and makes it look like there is a lot more opportunity than it seems. Someone can look at Member_ID 14098046 as a reference point.

It would be great if these showed as Transfers on the Pack side as well.


I recommend working with your Council staff to get a ticket opened with BSA IT to have this report fixed to show Transferred on both the Pack and Troop side.

This seems like a National issue, not specific to my Council.


The way to get National to fix issues is to have your Council open a ticket. National only provides support to Councils, not volunteers.

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Yet it’s a tool that volunteers use… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

And the National office has stated multiple times that if a volunteer wants a change they need to request it via their Council. Councils are the first line of support for all BSA tools. These forums are volunteer monitored. While we can provide much support, cases like this need to be handled via a Council.

I understand… just frustrating but I have reported it to our Council.

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