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Not able to import event CSV file

As near as I can tell, I have created my import file correctly. However, It will not import. I get the following error.

The file you selected has the following errors.
Aborting import.

  • Column names are missing or not in the right location mapURL<>empty*

there is an invalid number of columns in the csv file data

I used the sample file in the provided documentation to make sure I have the correct column headers and number of columns. I removed all commas from the fields to ensure only commas were the delimiters. I opened the CSV in Excel and it interpreted the correct number of columns. Still, I get the error. I have tried both the Chrome extension and the Firefox Extension.

TroopMaster Events - Events.csv (21.0 KB)

I solved my own problem. The documentation I pulled down did not include a column for mapURL. I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that is what it was missing.


I checked the help documents and they were out of date as well. They are now updated and available.


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