Not able to see roster with multiple member IDs

I’m registered with two councils with two member IDs, as I’m away at college. I only have access to my home council (T123 and C577). I already linked my second member ID to my scouting account but I can’t see the unit (T250) in my.scouting or in scoutbook. Can someone please help?
128555321 (registered as Unit College Scouter Reserve and Venturing Participant)
140604084 (registered as Assistant Scoutmaster)

@EthanLido you would have to switch your Primary MID in Manage Member ID to see the non-home unit

Got it, does this affect anything on council’s end? It’d make sense to check the other unit periodically but I don’t want to mess with anything.

Ethan Lido

No, it is just defining for the system who you are.

Got it, thank you very much for your help!


Ethan Lido

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