Not on Official Unit Roster in my.scouting

We have a scout that was in a Troop in one council, and a Venture Crew in another council.
The Scout shows up fine in the Troop and its corresponding council.
The Scout can be added and transferred into the Crew in the other council -

However - the scout always has a yellow triangle stating Not on Official Unit Roster in my.scouting next to his name. As committee chair, I did the charter last year so I know the scout was on the charter, but I keep getting this issue.

Side question - I am the committee chair of the unit, but I cannot see the unit in my.scouting. I only see units from my old council.

Any tricks here? thanks!

Each Council has its own set of BSA Member IDs. If you are registered in 2 Councils, you will have 2 BSA Member IDs (MIDs). I suspect you do not see your units in because the MID set to primary on your account is from your old Council. Go to Menu → Manage Member ID and set your current MID to Primary.

Scoutbook only supports 1 MID per account so if the Scout is registered in 2 Councils at the same time, the choices are 2 Scoutbook accounts or 1 Scoutbook account that has memberships in both Councils but 1 will always have a yellow triangle.

Thank you for responding. I think we are on to something here that I didn’t understand earlier… so let me map this out if I may.
Scout is in Council A - Gets Member Number 1111111
Scout joins a unit in Council B - The scout gets a new member number for that council? It’s not 111111?
So Scout has 11111 in Council A and 22222 in Council B.

I was able to swap member iDs in the scout’s my.scouting - and upon scoutbook login, the Council B records show - but Council A are gone.

So I guess thats where the managing two scoutbook profiles comes in?

Thank you so much this helped a lot.

I have this same problem with adults who have only registered in my council.

Correct. It’s a leftover from the bad old days of paper filing, where you couldn’t guarantee that a specific BSA ID was assigned to only one person if it was available to assign in multiple councils. Now that everything is (almost) fully electronic, I have heard that they’re working on fixing that holdover issue, but it will take time.

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