Not all fields showing up in rank report

I’m running a troop rank report and in the Eagle Rank section only items 1 and 3 are showing up (Active 6 months, and earn 21 merit badges) under Eagle 2022 requirements. None of the scouts in the report are listed in any other eagle years. Report url:


The URL doesn’t help us as only you can access it. What options are you using in your report?

In the past I’ve been asked to share the url. Report includes: all ranks, all requirements, almost all scouts, show % complete, show date, show requirement descriptions, show current rank, show current rank date, show next rank, show next rank % complete, show DOB, Show age.

I imagine you have the Show Empty Requirements unchecked

that did it, but I never had it checked previously and it worked fine. Those elements not showing up is new but I never changed any settings is what I mean.

Well it is a newer feature - cause people were complaining about wasted paper

ok thanks, this keeps us on our toes


We need the URL if we have to go to the developers for investigation. They can make use of it. For initial debug, the URL doesn’t help us.

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